Players can be subdued and captured by fellow players.  Once shackled the prisoner is at the mercy of his captor unless they hid a sharp stone in their orifice. They could use this to try and escape capture.  A prisoner can be dealt with in many ways, such as being thrown into stocks for public humiliation,  imprisoned in a cage or cell to be dealt with later, executed by decapitation in the guillotine or hung by the neck in the gallows.

Crafting & Building

Mine resources in order to craft workstations, weapons, armor and items. Build a shelter for your protection and to hoard the resources you need to insure your survival.  Construct a production & refining station to craft higher tier items.  Erect collection stations to create water and food passively.


Play with your friends online in a fully immersive medieval survival experience. Join a guild and work together or take what you need by raiding and looting.   Challenge the throne and take it for your own.  The world is what you make it.  Your only goal is to survive and you determine the lengths you are willing to go to live another day.